About us

The professional home care provider of choice for Felixstowe Suffolk, including Trimley St Martin, Trimley St Mary and Kirton.

At Rose Care, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional care and support to you in your own home, whether that’s in Felixstowe or one of its surrounding villages. You can recognize us by our full uniform of white tunic and dark red trousers and the identification we carry.

With about 30 staff, our team of Felixstowe-based home care professionals has grown considerably since we started out some 25 years ago. Staying small-scale and close to home has however been a very conscious decision.

Liz Russell and Sue Walker who founded Rose Care are still its owners and very much part of the team. You can hear their story and meet our Senior Team here »  

Care Quality Commission Inspected

We explain how Rose Care is monitored and inspected by England's independent health and social care regulator for your peace of mind.  

For us, maintaining a personal face is a vital part of offering a good quality service. Our clients and their families don’t just look upon us as home care professionals, but as friendly local people they can turn to, whether it’s to talk about what’s going on in their lives or in town, or to be listened to with real understanding when they wish to share, or simply reminisce about Felixstowe times past.

We ask our carers to give the time, the care and respect to our clients that they would give their own family members – something which they do willingly and with a warm smile.

Compassionate, committed and highly competent

Our mission at Rose Care is to provide outstanding care and support to individuals in their own home. Our clients are mainly older members of the Felixstowe community and our services are engaged either by them or their families to help support their independent living. Our business is regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

We aim to improve our service continually, through innovation and collaboration with our colleagues in health, so that we can provide the people of Felixstowe and the surrounding area with the care and support they deserve.

Our values are clear and our standards high. When we are looking for a new carer to join our team, we apply our values to the recruitment process. Our carers are required to work according to a concept determined by the Chief of Nursing known as ‘The 6 Cs’ - Care, Compassion, Courage, Communication, Commitment and Competency.

Local to Felixstowe

All our carers live locally, are chosen for their values and skills and are prepared to give our clients the time, care and respect as if they were their own family. If new to the care profession, our team members undertake the Care Certificate as standard and are actively encouraged by their in-house mentor to study for and achieve recognized diplomas in health and social care.

Care Quality Commission Inspected

About our regulator, the Care Quality Commission

Rose Care very much welcomes being regularly monitored, inspected and fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the independent regulator in England of all health and social care services including hospitals, dentists, ambulances, care homes and the care given in people’s own homes.

The performance ratings which the CQC awards and the findings which it publishes are important indicators which help people make informed decisions about their choices around care.

The CQC ensures the quality and safety of care, sets out what good and outstanding care looks like, and has a set of fundamental standards below which care must never fall.

The focus of these minimum standards include:

  • person-centered care
  • dignity and respect (privacy, equality, support to remain independent) consent, safety and safeguarding from abuse access to food and drink, premises and equipment which are clean, suitable and looked after properly
  • good governance and complaint procedures
  • suitably qualified, fit and proper staff
  • duty of candour/ transparency including the display of ratings.

Rose Care is currently rated ‘Outstanding’ by the CQC. The Commission’s latest report about Rose Care Suffolk Ltd is accessible here.