Housework Support

We help with the housework, so you can feel more at home – Rose Care Services Felixstowe Suffolk

As highly experienced home care specialists, the Rose Care team really understand how a little of the right sort of help in the home can go a long way to supporting independent living.

We recognize that some Rose Care clients don’t need support with their daily living tasks, but that a regular helping hand to keep on top of housework would be appreciated. It’s all about peace of mind and more than just about knowing that home surroundings are comfortable and clean – it’s important that the person coming into your home is caring, respectful, trustworthy and reliable.

At Rose Care, all our carers providing housework support are friendly Felixstowe faces, trained and chosen by us to deliver an outstanding, caring service with a smile.

Weekly or fortnightly help on your doorstep

Living locally in and around Felixstowe, our carers can come along to help with agreed housework tasks on a weekly or fortnightly basis. We liaise to find the day and time which suits you and our carers will always be up for a chat too. 

If you’re going to be away for a while or feel you need an extra visit, just give Rose Care a call – we are flexible and can make all the necessary arrangements on your instruction.

Housework-wise, we will ensure that bathrooms and kitchens are hygienically cleaned, that floors and carpets are hoovered and that those hard-to-reach places in particular are kept free from dust and dirt. Our carers are friendly and accommodating and will also do the washing and ironing.

Why have housework support from Rose Care?

In a nutshell, it’s not just what we do, but the way we do it and why we do it too.

We have a caring approach from the outset, so there's time for a chat around what we do and we'll always offer support rather than just take charge. We are focussed on helping the individual rather than just getting a cleaning job done. It's a subtle difference, but a big one.   

Some of our clients like to have the same person for their care and to help with the housework, so they can experience continuity. Other clients may start by having some help in the house as a way to get to know our carers.

Introducing professional home care through housework support can establish longer-term supportive relationships which can prove of great benefit in the future.

Already knowing our carers can often make it easier for someone to ask for and accept help. What’s more, as existing clients they will be given priority over clients new to Rose Care.

Families with past experience of caring for an elderly relative, often share regret that they didn’t make arrangements before they were really needed. 

If you have an elderly parent or relative and would like to have a chat about how best to introduce them to outside help whilst supporting their independence in their own home, please do give us a call.  

How to contact us 

Fully insured, reliable carers for real peace of mind

At Rose Care, we select and train our carers carefully and pride ourselves on providing an outstanding reliable and flexible service.

We do not allow carers to be in the house when the client is not present. It is easy to reschedule a call with us, if you have an appointment and will not be at home, and we are happy to do so.

All our carers are covered by Rose Care’s public liability insurance. We would however expect any client engaging housework support to have household insurance to cover any breakages or damage.