Accompanied Visits

Professional, caring support to get out and about - for practical reasons or for pleasure

Appointments, shopping, social outings; a trip to the doctors or to choose a birthday card; a coffee in the seafront café or breath of fresh air along the prom by the beach huts – whether out of necessity, need or “it-would-be-nice-to”, getting out and about is important to us all. But sometimes there may not be family and friends around, available or living close by to give the helping hand needed to make it happen.

Rose Care can help. Our professional carers are fully insured to take someone out in their car or to walk with them - whether that’s along the street to the hairdressers, doctor’s or local shop, or off on a little countryside adventure for a change of scene.

Providing reassurance and an ‘extra set of ears’

At Rose Care, we often accompany our clients to medical appointments at surgeries in and around Felixstowe or at the hospital in Ipswich.

Sometimes our clients request that we stay with them for the duration of the appointment for reassurance and as a valuable second pair of ears. It can be helpful to have someone to check back with, to alleviate confusion or worry and to assist in remembering the detail when relaying information to concerned friends or family.

Rose Care has a flat rate fee for an Ipswich hospital visit.

Going that extra caring mile, so you can say “yes”

The Rose Care accompanied visits service enables our clients to confirm an appointment with confidence, to say yes to that invitation, or entertain the idea of making a trip to the shops or enjoying a little outing perhaps for a coffee or meal locally.

Our carers have also accompanied clients to family social events such as weddings and christenings.

Wherever we go together, we are trained to make sure that everything is as comfortable and unrushed as possible – even if that’s just around the corner, we go that extra caring mile.