Rose Care support – because together makes all the difference

A regular call or a one off visit; sixty minutes or the whole day – just knowing that a professional carer from Rose Care will pop in or stay a while can be the ‘something-to-look-forward-to’ that lifts life and changes it for the better.

At Rose Care we understand that being on your own can be difficult.

It might be due to a recent bereavement or maybe family and friends do not live locally. Or it could be that you’re the main carer for a loved one and feel isolated without any time for yourself.

From sitting down to have a cup of tea and a good chat to helping support the loved one you’re caring for - so you can take time out, our professional carers can be by your side to share a smile and lend a helping hand.

How can we help you out?

We can offer a carer to visit you at home of course – or you might prefer them to accompany you somewhere? Perhaps you fancy a shopping trip or have a family event, hospital visit or doctor’s appointment in the diary and would like someone to go with you?

Our carers are fully insured to take someone out in their car or accompany walks. They will push a wheelchair or walk next to an electric buggy if you wish and incorporate a stop for coffee or lunch if desired.

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Respite for family carers

At Rose Care we understand that family carers need a break from looking after their loved ones. A little time to cook and enjoy a family meal, to meet up with friends or go to an evening class can make a world of ‘me-time’ difference.

Our companionship or ‘sitting’ service makes it possible for family carers to take time for themselves. Our friendly carer will provide personal care, meals and companionship. Sometimes this might be an hour or two just sitting quietly with them or perhaps sharing a board game or playing cards. Taking your loved one out for a walk or drive might be another option. Whatever their preference, we will ensure that they are comfortable and well looked after as if you were there yourself.

Again and again, we hear family carers tell us how they wished they had made arrangements for support sooner and how having some organized care in place for their loved one allows them all to experience more quality time.

Just there when you need us

Rose Care does not have a minimum contract when it comes to calls. We pride ourselves on offering the care you need, when you need it. We can be flexible and make arrangements for regular or one-off calls and tailor the duration to suit too. Whether the requirement is for companionship care for just a few hours or a whole day, you can count on Rose Care’s friendly, professional service providing total peace of mind.