Palliative Care and End of Life Care

Compassionate, practical and emotional support for those nearing the end of life and the people important to them

At Rose Care, we feel it is a great honour to be able to care for someone who is approaching the end of their life.

As a close-knit team of carers, we have many years of experience in supporting individuals and their families within the Felixstowe community in difficult and sensitive circumstances.

We understand the priorities for care and support which are to be expected – the honest communication and involvement in decision-making; responsive and timely support; having needs met according to a person-centred, well co-ordinated care plan which reflects personal wishes whilst dealing with practicalities.

Many years of experience

We team up with the other health care professionals to deliver caring and sensitive support to all concerned.

Our carers are selected personally, by fully qualified Rose Care team members who are highly respected in the personal care sector. We work hard to ensure that all our carers update their skills regularly and this includes their training in palliative and end of life care.

Our carers are friendly, dedicated, responsible, naturally kind and compassionate people who will support a client nearing the end of their life to feel safe, in control of their pain, comfortable and dignified. We work together with other health care professionals and the people important to them to help them feel at peace and experience as little fear as possible in the last few days and hours of life .

Financial support for end of life care

We deal with all questions around meeting the cost of care with sensitivity. Our office team will always help where they can to explain the financial implications of any care plan which a client or their family chooses to have put in place.

When someone is approaching the end of their life, it is sometimes possible to obtain funding from the NHS. This takes the form of ‘Continuing Health Care’ and can be fast-tracked by a community nurse. This means that the NHS will pay Rose Care directly for the care received.

Support for wider family

When we are involved in palliative care, at Rose Care we understand that it is also vital to meet the needs of people important to the person who is dying.

Our carers are very much on hand to support everyone involved. From our years of experience,we recognize that sometimes it helps family members to share with someone outside the immediate family or friendship group.

Our carers will make time to listen and offer comfort if needed.