Welcome to the Rose Care Club

 Our successful carer-led club forging new friendships in Felixstowe  

Sharing smiles is something we love doing at Rose Care. It makes such a difference to those we care for – and to us as dedicated carers too. So when we saw the smiles on everyone’s faces at our first client social event, we knew we’d found a magic formula.

Since that first little get together in 2018, the Rose Care Club has truly blossomed. As an extra little opportunity that's exclusive to Rose Care clients and people important to them, it's yet another reason why Rose Care often stands out from other home care providers.

From outings to quizes and coffee mornings, the Rose Care Club is  - for all of us, clients and carers included - about friendship and having a good time. 

A Way for Clients to get Together

From quizzes to coffee mornings, the Rose Care Club is about friendship and having a good time – for all of us!

Platinum Jubilee Party 2022

We've just had a lovely party to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. Clients and some of their friends and family together with the Rose Care team enjoyed shared an afternoon of tea, cupcakes and all trimmings, with music from Tom and Terry. There were some popular tunes to sing along to and toes soon got tapping  - some even just couldn't resist dancing!

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Why we created the Rose Care Club

At Rose Care, we are very much aware that many of the clients we support in their own homes can lead fairly isolated lives. Many may not be able to get out to meet up with friends, to meet new people or visit local attractions. 

Going out for a coffee or evening drink, to a show at the Spa Pavilion or an afternoon in the seafront gardens are all ordinary things that most of us living in Felixstowe take for granted - yet they are not always easy for the more vulnerable in our community to do on their own.  

We feel that everyone should have an opportunity to get out of the house and live life.

Join us – if you wish

The Rose Care Club provides a safe environment for our clients to socialize and for friendships to develop. All Rose Care clients are most welcome to get involved, along with family members and friends – the more the merrier!  

If you are a Rose Care client, we will keep you informed of any upcoming events, but there is absolutely no pressure to take part and you can always give our office a call to find out more. 

We are now delighted to be able to plan events again after the many difficult months of the pandemic. 

Organised with your safety in mind

All Rose Care Club events are risk assessed. At all events and outings, we have a suitable number of carers available to cater to our clients’ needs.

Enjoyable and affordable

At Rose Care, we very much aim to make our Rose Care Club events friendly, fun and accessible to all our clients. We do need to make a small charge for participation and this will vary from event to event. We will however always endeavour to keep the cost to a minimum. 

Familiar faces and new friends

Organised and operated by the Rose Care team, our clients are likely to recognize some of the friendly faces of our carers at Rose Care Club events. 

To date, many of our clients have made new friends too and enjoy looking forward to future events so that they can meet up again and have a catch up. Some people have made friends through the Rose Care Club and now socialize with them outside of our organized events too.    

Just a taste of our events

All Rose Care Club events are on a small scale, so that everyone can have the care and attention they need to enjoy a fun and inclusive experience on a personal level. 

Visits to date include the Felixstowe Museum at Landguard Fort, the Spa Pavilion, a number of local pubs for lunch and there have been well-attended coffee mornings and afternoon teas too. As experienced carers, we make sure that any of the places we visit are inclusive and cater for the different needs of our clients.

We’re always open to new ideas for Rose Care Club events, but over the years we’ve discovered a few firm favourites. 

In the summer, we have a great day out in Felixstowe with fish and chips and a walk along the prom (weather permitting!), based at the Felixstowe Old People’s Association Hut located near the beach. 

We can’t resist a good Christmas party – and neither can many of our clients! We organize a time together to remember with all the trimmings, including afternoon tea and entertainment. 

All our outings and get-togethers are in and around the Felixstowe area, so are local to us all.  

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