Summer 2017

Summer Newsletter 2017


On 5th June we had our Care Quality Commission inspection.  Our inspector Julie arrived at the office at 10am and left about 6pm having thoroughly gone through our paperwork and spoken to carers and office staff.  On the 6th June she visited some clients and spoke to clients and family members on the phone.   I am pleased to report that we have received a Good rating again this year. Thank you to everyone who spoke to Julie and gave their feedback.  The full report can be read on our website its at the bottom just click on the CQC rating.

Thank you also for the feedback you have given me recently.  It is very important that you let us know if there are things we can do to improve our service.  We are always striving to give the best possible care to our clients.  We want to work with you and your families to achieve the best outcomes for you.

On Friday 23rd June about thirty clients and ten carers enjoyed fish and chips at the Hut, the weather was kind, thankfully a little less hot than earlier in the week.  Liz found a scooter in the cupboard with wheelchairs and with an “I always wanted to try one of these” she was off around the patio.  (photo available on our website).  Rachael from the office was also at the Hut and enjoyed putting faces to names and I am sure everyone who met her will now know who they are speaking to. Unfortunately Michelle wasn’t able to join us as she was enjoying a holiday in the Lake District but she is hoping to meet people soon.

News from the office

We took on three new carers Natalie, Gemma and Alli unfortunately Natalie has decided to leave us and has gone to work nights in another establishment.  But Gemma and Alli are enjoying meeting and working with all our clients. Gemma has a background in residential care and Alli is also a teaching assistant at the Academy.  Tori has passed her exams and is hoping to go to University of East Anglia in September but won’t have confirmation until the middle of August.

Over the last couple of months some of the carers have been undertaking a level 2 qualification in Safeguarding or Diabetes care and we are now looking to do Dementia care when everyone has recovered!    Jayne and Tracie are continuing with their NVQ level 2 diplomas and doing very well.

Please remember to join our Rose Care club if you are interested in going on any outings the first newsletter will be out this month with details of the outings and meetings for this quarter.


Please remember to drink plenty in the hot weather and stay out of the sun between 12 and 2pm.

With recent events such as the Grenfell Fire Tragedy I thought it might be useful to have a reminder about fire safety.  With this in mind I have copied the Fire safety leaflet from the Fire Brigade and the carers will be taking a copy to all our clients.  Please feel free to ask your carer to check your fire alarms and if you have any concerns we would be happy to make a referral to the local Fire Brigade for them to visit you and do a home safety check.

We are always looking for new carers so if you know someone please point them in our direction they don’t have to have experience or be a particular age so if someone has recently retired and would like a few hours during the day in a rewarding job maybe care would be for them?

Please let me have any news, poems, artwork etc. that you would like included to share with other clients in either the next newsletter or the Rose Care club news.

Let’s hope the good weather stays with us for the rest of the summer.




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