The Rose Care Club

The Rose Care Club is for all our clients and their families, we produce a magazine twice a year with articles and adverts which we hope will be of interest to you.  The club has been set up to help people meet up and visit places with our carers.  Over the last six months we have had two tea parties at the Old Felixstowe Community Centre, a trip to Wyvale Garden Centre before Christmas and a Christmas Party at the British Leigon.

We have to make a charge for our outings except the Christmas Party and Fish and Chips at the Hut.  We charge so that the carers who help on these outings can be paid for their time and travel.  We do try to keep the charges to a minimum and hope to be able to do some fundraising for the club in the future.

If you have any stories,articles or artwork that you would like to be included in the magazine please either bring them into the office or email them to us at

Also if you have any suggestions for places you would like to visit again please feel free to let us know.

Our next outing will be on 26th March to Wyevale Garden Centre for last minuite Easter Eggs or Spring flowers. Followed by a visit to the Cafe.

Please let the office know if you haven't had your copy of  Rose Care Times and we will send one out to you immediately.



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