Snow February 2018

Today is Friday 2nd March apparently yesterday was the first day of Spring, according to the weather forecasters.  We have had a challenging week but all our carers and office staff have pulled together and made sure all our clients had their calls. 

It has meant alot of walking or carers being picked up and taken to a client's home but we made it.  I am hoping today is the last day of this extreme weather and from tomorrow the roads will be less icy and the pavements will be safe. 

I would like to say a big thank you to all our staff who worked this week a few coming in on days off or offering to help on their day off, much apreciated.  I would also like to thank all our clients for bearing with us when we were a bit late and offering us a chance to warm up with a hot drink.

Looking forward now to some warmer temperatures.



Registered Manager



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